1. Why StreamPik, why not others?

Stream Selection is a very critical decision. It can make or break your life. Most modern day students & parents understand the value of scientific decision making. StreamPik is the most advanced assessment tool of the world, that is based on Cognitive Science. It is developed by CRACSLAB (an R&D Organization).

StreamPik is scientifically validated, highly reliable & standardized assessment tool. It's research documentation is published. Most of other available tests are not standardized.

2. Why do I need a Test or Assessment to select a stream?

Right decision making is the key to success. Wrong stream selection leads to failure & frustration in career. Most of the time we select a stream based on parental advice, market trends, school performance, assumptions or guesswork without realizing our strengths. That’s why a scientific & reliable evaluation of your strengths, natural ability & skills help you to pick the right stream so that you can build a great career around.

3. How does Stream Selection Test or StreamPik Assessment help me?

StreamPik is the world’s most advanced assessment tool, especially designed for Grade 9th & 10th students. StreamPik helps you in scientific decision making about what stream you should choose for a great career ahead. It’s a smart, clear & specific tool.

4. What strengths & skills StreamPik identifies?

StreamPik is unique & the most advanced assessment that assesses you on 12 key parameters before arriving on a decision. It assesses your Natural ability, Mental Strengths & Abilities namely IQ, Focus, Decision Making Ability and 8 Multiple Intelligences.

5. When should I start thinking about stream selection, 9th or 10th?

The most preferred time is after mid-session of 9th Grade. This gives you enough time to adjust & learn more about it. Common sense says that identifying your strengths as early as possible gives you the best results.

6. Which stream is the best for a high paying profession or career? Arts, Medical, Commerce or Non-Medical?

All careers can pay you well, provided you are the best in that field. Look around! Most successful people are those who are working in the field of their natural ability or strength, whether they are from Arts background or Commerce, Medical or Non-Medical field. For a high paying job or a great career, you should be well aware of your core strengths, and sharpen your brain skills like focus, creativity, and intellect.

7. Do you provide Stream & Career Guidance after assessment?

Yes, we do. Post assessment for Career Guidance you may send your result or contact us at