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Stream Selection Assessment for Grade IX - X Students

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Most students pick & select their stream influenced by parental advice, peers, social status of others, market trends, school performance, fascinations, self judgement, fears or insecurities.

Most of us do guesswork. Let science assist you.


StreamPik follows a scientific approach

StreamPik is an online assessment tool to pick & select stream based on your strengths, natural ability & cognitive abilities

How StreamPik Works

Online Test & Assessment

StreamPik is a 60 minute online assessment that gathers important information based on your responses to the set of questions

Analyses Learning Nature

StreamPik expert algorithm finds out & analyses your complete learning nature, strength areas, skillset & cognitive data points

Picks Best Stream For You

Based on your natural & cognitive abilities it recommends the most suitable career stream for you
StreamPik Test & Guidance Plans
streampik test
Access to StreamPik Test. 
Get instant report on the most suitable stream for you, along with analysis of your skill sets & complete learning nature.
STREAMPIK guidance
Access to StreamPik Test & get career guidance from our experts 3 times a year.
You can talk & take guidance on all matters related to your career goals.
Access to StreamPik Test.
Career guidance & motivational mentoring from our experts all round the year. 
Get 500 super skill worksheets in a personalized format to develop your higher order skills.

Important Facts

Published as Face value of the prevalent educational system. National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development, Sep Vol 1; Issue 4; Pp. 12-15

Work in the field of their Natural Ability. These people pursue their passion as profession.
Are not all-rounders, but are specialists in one field of work with right mental skill sets.
Fail to make a great career. One major reason is wrong stream selection at the very start.

People at the back

Look at successful people

What's Common? Is it their degrees, diplomas, hard work, destiny, family background, schools or something else!

You will find that most of these people work around their natural ability & are better learners.

To fulfill your dreams you need a career not just any profession. Let science assist you. Pick a stream that matches your strengths, skills & inclination. Future would be amazing!


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