"98% students in india select their career stream by following advice of their friends or parents, or by looking at social status of others, personal liking, fears or insecurities. No scientific method or guidance tool is followed."
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Streampik is the world's most advanced & reliable software platform to test skill set, strengths & weaker areas of students. Professionally offer your guidance and counseling services.

About Streampik Test
"StreamPik Effectiveness" is published in UGC Approved Group A Journal

Online Test

StreamPik is a 60 minute online test for students who want to scientifically know about the best stream for themselves after class 10th (Arts, Commerce, Medical or Non-Med)

Complete Analysis

Our expert algorithm analyses complete learning nature, strength areas, skillset & mental ability of students

Stream Selection & Counseling

Based on student's strength & mental abilities it recommends the most suitable career stream for you
Software for Guides & Counselors

Why Buy Streampik Software?

To be a great career counselor you need a validated and reliable testing software. We provide both, formal training & business license, for you to start your own business as a career counselor.
Big Opportunity - Understand Career Counseling Business with

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Why Streampik testing is the best?

Cognitive Ability Testing (Streampik)

They are among the most accurate (in technical terms, reliable, and valid) of all psychological tests and assessments. It measures entire thinking process, strenths & learning nature including focus, IQ, decision making ability & creativity.

Psychometric Testing (Others)

It cannot measure Focus, Decision Making Ability & CQ in numerical values. It cannot measure cognitive gaps. It tests only personality not strengths. It cannot identify your learning nature & mindset. It is not applicable for young students.

Aptitude Testing (Obsolete)

Aptitude is a test of your ability to perform a certain task. It cannot measure your whole thinking process, learning style or gifted ability. Aptitude tests are very general in nature & their reliability is questionable.

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UGC Approved Group A Journal


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